Why Companies Pay to Take Surveys for Money?

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Why Companies Pay to Take Surveys for Money?

The Internet has created many ways to make money for a person. It is a great conduit for announcing work for hire jobs. But the Internet is also just as useful for all of the con artists and crooks out their as well because now these people can do their deeds virtually behind the curtains and you may never know their real names. So online surveys are a great way to earn some cash but you need link up with the right companies doing them and stay away from the ones who are out there to take your money. Join pinecone research and take surveys for money.

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Online surveys are used by companies to do market research for their products. They are electronic questionnaires targeted at a specific demographic group. Just like surveys done verbally or on paper, when the results are compiled they should show the trends of opinion or products or product features desired. And, if you are selected to take the online survey and complete it, the survey company pays you usually through some electronic method such as PayPal.

It must be stressed that you are not going to be able to support your family or yourself by doing nothing but online surveys. These surveys pay around $5.00 each and that is only if you are selected. It is true that the online survey advertisers will boast of pay rates as high as $75.00 per survey but the reality is that most will be around the $5.00 mark. Think about it. Why would a company want to pay $75.00 for a survey when they can get them for less? This is especially true if the product or service is not even on the market yet and they have realized no revenue from sales.

You should treat online surveys just as you would any other Internet moneymaking conduit for your safety. First of all, never pay any fees up front in order to be afforded the opportunity to make money. This is tempting because most people take surveys for money because they want or need extra money and the survey companies will make these promises of big earnings for a small membership fee. Don’t do it. There is a greater than average or almost sure chance they will only take your money.

We are not saying that every organization that collects a membership fee is bad. There are many freelance sites that require a nominal membership fee in order to write, create software, translate documents, and create websites. But you have to see if you make any money at all within a month or two after paying membership fees. If you don’t then you either have to stop paying the fee or just move on and count your money as lost.

There is one other important item about taking online surveys for money. Not everyone can take every survey. What do we mean by this? Legitimate surveys are geared to focus on a specific group. For example, a survey could be designed for only males between the ages of 25 and 30 living in the western United States. They will actually pre qualify you to see if you answer the right questions in order to be included. And they don’t pay you for the pre-qualify time.

So just be careful. Look at everything with scrutiny when it comes to online surveys and keep your expectations low when it comes to making a lot of money on them. However, they are good for making a little extra pocket cash if you watch out for the scams.

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