Can You Really Take Surveys for Money?

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Surveys for Money – Can someone make a living from surveys?

You will make money but you will not get rich.

To be honest… Don´t quit you job over it. Like I said, don´t believe the “hype” of getting rich scams. This is a good add on for some extra at the end of the month, or for some people that stay at home and want to get a extra income.

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Online surveys are a good extra but won´t give you financial freedom. The best way of seeing this, is like a part time job where you can do it in your home whenever you want.

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Still there is some conditions you might to think of, if you want some decent cash at the end of the month. By decent I mean a extra 100 or 200 dollars. It all depends of your work and other circumstances:

  • Don´t expect to be selected for every survey that pops up on your email box.
  • Demographics, like country, age, family size, and many other conditions can be asked from you. You will always have a screening before taking any kind of survey, you might be selected or not.
  • Joining many market research companies will improve your odds of getting those surveys and cash out a few extra bucks at the end of the month. The good companies of course.
  • A survey research study can go from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more. If you are selected, the longer and complex the study is, the more probability you get a better pay. So don´t expect to get 10 dollars for every study you make.
  • Some companies will only send a pre-determined number of surveys to the members depending of how many people the client wants in the study. Many of those are not even going to pass by the screening.
  • The best companies can pay between $0.50 cents to 5 or 10 dollars, still those high paid ones are hard to get.
  • There are companies that will give you some sort of product to test at home. That can be anything from a simple pen, to a facial cream, to a LCD TV. The good and serious companies will give you the product as a reward for your participation. Still, the chances of been selected are rare. (I have been a member of a company that does this, and so far the only thing I got for free was a shaving razor set!)
  • Use the referral system of every paid survey site that you are a member of. Many people never give much importance to this part of the survey industry.

The majority of people, think just by answering a few surveys will make big bucks. The only way for you to get paid like 100 or 200 dollars for a study, are the “focus groups” and that is hard to get in, and there are not many companies that offer that.

Use the social network sites like facebook, myspace,etc. Start a blog, start a website, or blog page! Talk about it to your friends and refer them.

When you start getting money from your surveys and from your referrals, the more sites you belong the more money you make. There is nothing wrong or immoral of getting more people to sign up under you. It all adds up.

Conclusion – Is it worthy to do this kind of thing at all?

Well, it is not bad, and in most cases you have to spend like 30 minutes or 1 hour everyday doing this. Some days you might not even have any surveys on your email. All depends of how many companies you are member of, and how many times you pass by the screenings to answer a survey study.

Many companies allow International members from almost every worldwide countries. In this cases is even more harder to get any kind of surveys and you will make less money.

The top countries that have a huge demand in this kind of studies are, United States, Canada, Australia and UK just to name a few. European countries also have a good bunch of them, still it is very different if you are a resident in the United States or Canada. These are the top paying countries.

Again, use the referral system. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. The more people you get to sign under you the better, the more money you make and also it is a good opportunity for that people make a few bucks too. A great site that focus a lot on the referral system is Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost. These are great sites for residents of the United States & Canada. They have a great community that are very helpful not only with the survey industry but also with the referral system. Also they have many topics that cover the best practices about online surveys and the best way for you to get referrals.

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