Is Vindale Research Legit?

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Is Vindale Research Legit?

Short answer is No. You will not make any money from vindale research.

Sign up for pinecone research and earn $3 per completed survey.

Vindale research has a catchy website and don’t fall prey to it. This is one of the survey site with one of the highest minimum payout of $75 that you will never reach and hence they will not pay.

I had joined this and did some surveys for them and got paid nothing from them.

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If you are looking for legitimate market research company, I would recommend you join pinecone research. You will not get rich but you will get paid for the surveys you do for them.

What You Need to Know About Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a survey company that prides itself on having smart and savvy survey takers. It is easy to register with Vindale Research. You just provide your name, date of birth, gender, and your e-mail address. You will get an e-mail shortly after you apply. That e-mail contains a link you need to click to confirm your registration.

Vindale Research assures its survey takers that their information will never be sold to telemarketers or spammers. The money you earn completing surveys goes into your Paypal account and you can withdraw money when your account accumulates $50.

Many of the surveys are very simple but others are more complicated and requires you to test out new products. These surveys can pay well; for example, you can make $75 testing an Internet service. However, it can get complicated when you want to cancel the service or return the product.

The basic surveys usually will not take you any longer than 20 minutes and you will earn around $5 per survey. The surveys are usually about common household items you buy regularly, online stores and items like cigarettes. If you refer friends or family members and they join, you will make an additional $5 per person.

One of the first surveys I took with Vindale Research was an easy one for which I earned $2. The questions were about my age, gender, ethnic background, profession and interests. I was also asked about my sexual and religious preference, which I was a little surprised about. I had never had these kinds of questions asked while taking a survey before. If you do not wish to share your religious or sexual preference and other extremely personal questions, you do not have to. Keep in mind, though, that any personal information you give to Vindale or its clients are kept confidential.

Vindale Research will send you survey invitations by e-mail. These surveys match your interests and lifestyle. The more questions you answer yes to when signing up for the survey program, the more survey invitations you will get in your inbox. Say you eat out frequently even if you do not and say you are an avid smoker even if you never smoke at all. The more no answers you give them, the less survey opportunities you will get.

Sometimes Vindale Research will request your personal financial information like a credit card number or bank account number. It offers some surveys wherein you are sent a product to try by mail. A charge is placed on your account until you return the product and you finish the survey. If you don’t mind a lot of going back and forth to the post office, this might be a good survey choice for you but you should know what you are getting into.

Vindale Research uses the same philosophy and methods used by research companies from years ago. These companies used to have you take home a product to try it out and then give feedback on how well you enjoyed it and how well it worked for you. They paid pretty well but did require a rather complex survey be filled out. Vindale Research surveys will help you earn more money compared to other survey companies, but you will have to do more complex surveys in order to do so.

If you want a quick survey and a fast, large payout, this probably is not the best choice for you. Vindale Research is a good choice if you want to try new products and enjoy more complex surveys.

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