Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

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Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

This survey site is one of the oldest and most popular out there. It’s definitely not what I would call a scam but if you read some of the other reviews on opinion outpost you will see a lot of negative comments. The problem with doing these surveys that pay online is actually “qualifying” for them.

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Let me explain a bit more….

To make money taking surveys you need to “fit the profile” of the survey companies. When you register with Opinion Outpost you will need to complete a profile that gives them information about you. The opinion outposts system is calculated by points. So for every survey you complete you get so many points. And points mean cash.

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Fitting the profile can be a real challenge and it can be the difference between making money or not.

Is opinion outpost scam?

No, it’s not. Opinion outpost is very legit and a real survey company.

Look guys, if this sounds all a bit much, don’t despair…..

Later I will be telling you about a system that guarantees to MULTIPLY your survey earnings with Opinion Outpost.

Each survey will pay you up to 100 points on average, starting from as little as 10 points. To reach the $10 threshold you will need 100 points. That could mean doing 10 surveys for cash value of only $10.

You can get paid by PayPal which is pretty much a pre-requisite these days and they also offer gift cards as payment too, although I can’t see why anyone would prefer this, after all we all want to earn cash for surveys don’t we?

The No. 1 failure with these survey for cash sites is the inability to complete the actual survey. You could find yourself 90% of the way through the survey only to be BOMBED OUT at the end. Opinion Outposts surveys also have this irritation. Frankly, I fail to see the attraction to these online surveys that pay, when this is a regular occurrence.

The Opinions outpost also has a referral system so you can make money if you refer friends or family. Personally I would rather recommend Jason White’s system where you can make money doing surveys if you follow his recently discovered methods. He makes an average of $3500 monthly, but more on that in my next post.

When you join Opinion Outpost you are immediately offered online surveys for cash. However, you will need to participate in profile surveys which will bog you down at the beginning. You are not paid for these profile surveys. Don’t think you will get free money online here. You will have to work at it to make any money.

To summarize Opinion Outpost –

I would say it is one of the better survey sites online offering real surveys that pay but bear in mind the importance of having a quality profile. You are not going to get rich quick by spending all this time for very little in return so please keep this in mind.

Click here to join Opinion Outpost survey panel.

This was my second post on my Opinion Outpost Review. In my next post I will be revealing more about how you can do make BIG cash for surveys.

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